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  • New website
    The new Etulinja website is up and running. On this page you can find news regarding Etulinja, basic information about us, links to our social media and resources relating to Finns in World War 2.

What is Etulinja?

Etulinja is a Finnish World War 2 reenactment association.

Our activity includes private training, public displays, historical research and cooperation with museums and other historical associations. Our aim is to research and uphold historical Finnish military traditions.

A significant part of our activity is
practical training and empiric study of written information.

Etulinja is politically and religiously unaffiliated. Geographically we are from different regions of Finland but our events are usually located in southern Finland.

On these pages you can find photos and videos of our activities. You can also find information on the next public events we are going to take part in.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have about us. Contact us via Facebook or email.

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Etulinja facebook-page

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Information and photos of original clothing and equipment

Etulinja reports

We have documented the activities during our events in the style of old war correspondence reports.

Etulinja Report 14
Etulinja Report 15
Etulinja Report 16
Etulinja Report 17
Etulinja Report 18
Etulinja Report 19

Are you interested?

Do you want to join us? We gladly accept new members – prerequisite is that you live in Finland, are active and interested in learning Finnish military history in practice.

You can contact us in public events or by sending us an email: