m/22 Field hat (Kenttälakki m/22)

Side cap were originally introduced to Finnish armed forces in July 1918 regulations. In 1919 the colour was changed to solid grey. Air Force and armored troops got their dark blue and black caps in 1920. The cap itself apparently changed very little at most in the finalised m/22 form.

Light troops and artillery (except general officers) had a leather chinstrap in their hats. A 1931 addendum to dress regulations specifically allowed wearing the strap crossed over the hat. This was the beginning of an aspect of military fashion carried over to m/39 Summer Hat.

The m/22 field hat is a fairly typical sidecap, though distinctly tall in shape. Enlisted men’s hats, at least early on, were made from rough wool, while office hats were of gabardine. There are notable differences of construction between individual hats in the back of the hats, with some having the flaps fitted with a hook closure, while others are sewn shut.

While the (slightly more) practical m/27 Field Hat, Older started replacing the m/22 Field Hats in field use even before the rest of the m/27 Uniform items were issued, the m/22 Field Hat was general issue for leave uniforms until replaced by the m/36 Field Hat. The story of the m/22 Field Hat did not end there, however: use of the hat was allowed with m/36 uniform, and it proved to be popular even after the introduction of m/39 Summer Hat. Most of these late users were naturally career personnel who had bought their own uniforms, but very occasionally even junior enlisted personnel can be seen them using during the Continuation War. The black armored troops variant in particular was apparently a point of pride in the Armored Division.

Description in the regulations

Colour and material: Officers: Gabardine or other soft woollen fabric.

Conscripted enlisted personnel: Fabric specified separately for field hats.

Cadre NCO:s and enlisted musicians: As with conscripted enlisted personnel, optionally as with officers.

Colour black for armored troops, dark blue for air force, steel grey for all others. Chin strap black patent leather where applicable.

Description: Oval, boat-shaped, curved from top in the middle, with turn-down flaps; small coat-of-arms button on top edges of both flaps.

Artillery, cavalry and bicycle troops: additionally fitted with a chin strap fixed to the sides of the hat expect for generals.

Cockades: Officers: Enamel blue-white cockade, in the middle of the front seam of the hat. Red enamel lion cockade in the middle of the fold below the blue-white cockade.

Conscripted enlisted personnel: sheet metal blue-white in the middle of the front seam of the hat. Large coat-of-arms button in the middle of the fold below the blue-white cockade.

Cadre NCO's and enlisted musicians: As for officers for vääpeli; as for conscripted enlisted personnel for others.

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