m/22 Summer Jacket (Kesätakki m/22)

m/22 Summer Jacket was a lighter jacket for the officers to use during the hotter summer months to be uses as part of the Service and Field Uniform. It is essentially the officers version of the m/22 Summer Blouse that the enlisted men and NCO's used. It was confirmed for use in the Order Leaflet 24 of the War Ministry on 27th of April 1920.

The jacket is similar in pattern to the Officers m/22 Tunic, but features a belt on the back and could be made with a detachable collar. This jacket can be seen worn by officers up to earlyu Continuation War, even though the m/39 Light Jacket had been already approved for service. They can most easily be distinguished from the m/39 Light Jacket by having the darker collar and m/22 style shoulder boards.

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Universal m/22 Summer Jacket (Yleinen kesätakki m/22)

Universal m/22 Summer Jacket was universal for all the officers, with the exception of the Air Force and the Coastal Artillery, who had their own versions.

Description in the Regulations

Valtakunnan puolustusvoimien virkapukuohjesääntö (V.P.O.), 1930

Colour and material: Steelgrey, thin wool fabric.

Cut: Single row of covered buttons, shoulder epaulettes, form-fitting in the front, straight back without a back seam, with a 5 cm wide belt with rounded ends and held by two large coat-of-arms buttons made out of the same fabric as the jacket.

Length: Down to the crotch, cavalry version is 5 cm shorter.

Collar: Dark grey, can be detacheable or attached. Same shape as in the m/22 Tunic. The rank is shown by grey silk tresse and heraldic roses, lions on generals jacket.

Cuffs: Same colour as the jacket, 9 cm high and straight without any buttons.

Pockets: Horizontal and sewn inside the jacket, both chest and side pockets are without any buttons. Pockets are same width as in m/22 Tunic. The pocket flaps have three points.

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Coastal Artillery m/22 Summer Jacket (Rannikkotykistön kesätakki m/22)

The coastal artillery summer jacket was essentially the same as the Universal one with two differences: the collar was dark blue and the buttons were navy anchor buttons.

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