m/27 Field Hat (Kenttälakki m/27)
m/27 Field Hat, Older (Kenttälakki m/27/vanhempi)

The new uniform ensemble of 1927 naturally also included new hats. Like the rest of the uniform, the hats were designed primarily with field conditions in mind. This was also reflected in the universal design of the caps: there were no differences between units or ranks, the only variation being the color with the standard m/27 model being brownish grey, while the provisional m/27 Field Hat, Older was made from the solid grey cloth of the previous uniform types. As with the previous type field hats, m/27 Field Hat was meant for summer season, while a separate m/27 Fur Hat was designed for winter use.

Compared to the m/22 Field Hat, m/27 aimed to provide soldiers with a far more practical piece of headgear. A bill protected soldiers’ eyes from rain and sunlight, flaps could now be folded down in a much more practical way and a chinstrap was provided for all caps. The design of the hat is thus fairly unique, being somewhat of a mix between very practical features and an overall shape which could remind one of shakos and kepis of previous times.

m/27 Field Hat, Older appear to have been among the first m/27 uniform items issued to conscripts and were often worn with m/22 uniform in the field. However, even if the goal was to provide soldiers with more practical uniforms for field wear, the m/27 hats were apparently not entirely satisfactory. While the m/27 fur hat took the brunt of the criticism, some of the problems, such as the bill interfering too much with the users field of view, would be also applicable to the field hat.

While the hat was in widespread use alongside its successor, m/36 Field Hat, right up to the start of the Winter War, its wartime service appears to have been very limited. The Winter War was obviously fought in cold weather headgear, and by the start of the Continuation War m/36 Field Hat had mostly supplanted the m/27. Also, unlike with some other previous uniform pieces, the m/27 Field Hat was apparently considered neither practical or good looking enough to give troops incentive to continue wearing it. Notably, unlike the rest of the m/27 uniform, the Civil Guard never adopted this hat.

Description in the regulations

Colour and material: m/27 Field Hat: Brownish-greenish grey wool. Chin strap from brown leather.

m/27 Field Hat, Older: Grey wool, like m/22 Uniforms. Chin strap from brown leather.

Description: Boat-shaped, curved from top in the middle, with turn-down flaps; diagonal buttonholes on corners of both flaps with small coat-of-arms buttons in the same color as the hat in the corresponding positions on the hat body. Peak curved, rounded corners, covered in cloth of same color as the hat. Buckled chin strap affixed to the sides beneath the flaps with small coat-of-arms buttons in the same color as the hat, with horizontal button holes on the flaps in the same position. When the chin strap is placed beneath the chin, the strap is put through these button holes so that the button is also on top of the fold.

Cockades: Officers: Enamel blue-white cockade, in the middle of the front seam of the hat. Red enamel lion cockade in the middle of the fold below the blue-white cockade.

Conscripted enlisted personnel: sheet metal blue-white in the middle of the front seam of the hat. Large coat-of-arms button in the middle of the fold below the blue-white cockade.

Cadre NCO's and enlisted musicians: As for officers for vääpeli; as for conscripted enlisted personnel for others.

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