m/27 Light Jacket (Kevyt takki m/27)

The introduction of the m/27 Uniform and its main component, the m/27 Field Blouse allowed for the design of a more official service jacket for the officers. The m/27 Light Jacket was designed for officers as their service uniform in the barracks and in the offices. It was not intended to be worn in the field, where the regular m/27 Field Uniform would be worn. This jacket was a voluntary item, meaning that the owner had to have it tailor-made for him by one of the approved tailors.

The British influence on the new m/27 Uniform is most distinctly apparent in the m/27 Light Jacket. It was a distinct departure from the German influence of the previous uniforms, resembling a civilian suit rather than the Prussian uniforms of the old. It was tight-fitting, official piece of uniform. Worn together with straight-legged trousers or breeches, brown-green-grey or white shirt and a tie and a peaked cap.

Even though the new jacket as lighter and more comfortable and thus more well suited for office work, it wasn’t liked by the officers. It is one of the rarest uniform items to have been used. The dislike stemmed for much the same reason as the dislike for many of the other m/27 Uniform items – the colour was seen as awful and the civilian style pattern wasn’t “military” enough. The contrast for men that had gotten used to the older m/22 Uniform and its tight, Prussian military style had hard time accepting this new design. Thus the m/27 Light Jacket saw fairly short-lived and limited service in the military. It was more popular among the Civil Guard officers, but still remains a sort of a sidenote in the history of Finnish military uniforms.

Last updated: April 21st, 2018

Description in the Regulations

Valtakunnan puolustusvoimien virkapukuohjesääntö (V.P.O.), 1930

Colour and material: Brown-green-grey wool.

Cut: Single row of buttons, tight-fitting, curved on the back; back has a seam in the middle and has a vent from the waist down. 4 buttons in the front arranged that the lowest button is slightly below the belt.

Length: Down to the crotch

Collar: Low, turned-down collar; folds extend to the upper part of the chest pockets.

Sleeves: Cuffs are straight, 10 cm tall and sewn to the sleeve. On the outer seam there are 3 small buttons sewn in a line.

Pockets: Chest pockets are sewn on the outer side of the jacket, with pleats and slightly rounded corners. Lower pockets have sharp corners and are without pleats. Pocket flaps have three points with the middle point being sharp and the side points with rounded edges. One small button directly above the middle point of the pocket flap.

Buttons: All buttons are golden colour, polished and smooth, somewhat curved and have the coat-of-arms lion on them. The chest has large buttons with 28mm diameter. Pockets and epaulettes have smaller buttons with the diameter of 18 mm.

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