m/36 Hat (Lakki m/36)

The m/36 Hat is very much a descendant of the Finnish Civil War era Jäger Hats and the Austro-Hungarian and German Bergmützes. The m/22 or m/27 uniforms did not include a hat in this style, but the Civil Guard retained the Jäger type hat in their use. The m/36 is somewhat different from the Civil Guard model and closer to the original Jäger hats.

The m/36 Hat itself is almost exactly the same as the Experimental m/34 Hat. The m/36 hats are made of various materials and are usually lined with cotton. Many of them have leather sweatbands built in to them, especially pre-war manufacture. The m/36 Hat was originally planned for all year use and had a special winter liner designed to be used with it. The winter liners were not particularly popular and the m/39 Fur Hat ended up replacing the m/36 Hat in winter use.

Officers hats tend to be of better quality than those of the rank-and-file. The quality of the hats decreased through the war and some of the hats used by enlisted men are very basic and rough. There are some hats that are made of the same, cotton fabric as the m/36 Summer Blouse

The piped hats were meant for officers and barracks duty. There is such a thing as m/36 Field Hat, which is simply a regular m/36 Hat without the branch colour piping and meant to be worn out in the field exercises or during war. A m/36 Hat Cover was manufactured for the hat and was planned to be issued but is a rare item to see in use.

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Description in the regulations

Colour and material: Woolen fabric, of the same colour as the tunic

Description: Tall, with textile visor and double foldable flaps. The flaps are fastened in front of the hat, on top of the visor with two small coat-of-arms buttons. Hats have a branch colour piping on top of the front of the flaps. Field Hat m/36 does not have branch colour piping.

Cockades: Pre 1939: Officers, military officials, cadets, cadre NCO's wear enamel blue-white cockade, other ranks wear blue-white sheet metal cockade.

Post 1939: Officers, military officials and cadets wear a red enamel lion cockade in the front of the hat, above the top of the flaps. Non-commissioned officers wear enamel blue-white cockade. Conscripts and the cadre NCO's and EM wear a blue-white sheet metal cockade.


The markings on the hats generally consists of the size stamp, year and a manufacturers stamp. In some hats they are worn and not visible any more, some might have not been stamped with them. Officers made-to-order hats have labels from the tailor.

The size is marked with a number, meaning the circumference of the wearers head at the temples.

Incomplete list of manufacturers below:

  • AP = Armeijan Pukimo (renamed Valtion Pukutehdas in 1939)
  • VPu = Valtion Pukutehdas
  • Kulo = Kurikan Lakkitehdas Oy

Uniforms from collections

Officer's tailor made m/36 Field Hat

Photos from Dragoon Militaria.

Artillery officer's tailor made m/36 Hat

Photos from Dragoon Militaria.

Enlisted man's late war m/36 Field Hat

Photos from Dragoon Militaria.

1944 stamped m/36 Field Hat

Photos from Dragoon Militaria.

1944 stamped m/36 Field Hat

Photos from Dragoon Militaria.

Finnish Wartime Photograph Archive photos

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