m/36 Oilcloth Coat (Öljytakki m/36)

The Raincoat m/36 did not hold water particularly well and a better, more water resistant option was needed. This led to the creation of a m/36 Oilcloth Coat, which was a voluntary item for the Officers and Non-Commissioned Officers.

The Oilcloth Coat was made of grey cotton, much like the m/36 Raincoat but was treated and impregnated with oil. This turned the grey fabric darker so that from the distance it looked leathery and almost black. This waterproofed the coat much more efficiently than the thickly woven cotton.

The cut of the Oilcloth Coat was fairly similar to the Raincoat. Most notable differences are the cloth covers on the shoulders, the button closure tabs as well as leather reinforcements in the buttonholes.

Last updated: September 15th, 2016

Description in the regulations

Colour and material: Grey, oiled cotton cloth.

Cut: Loose, with two rows of four smooth buttons. The inside has a similar set of buttons. There is a cloth reinforcement tabs from the edge of the coat that goes under the buttons. The button holes are reinforced with leather. The backside has a seam and a back vent which has two buttons. The top of the backside is double-layered. Shoulders have reinforcements that extend 7 cm to 8 cm over the shoulder seam. The edges are trimmed with leather trim. A cover extends from the shoulder reinforcements to the front part of the collar. The top most buttons are covered by the cover.

Length: About 35 cm from the ground.

Collar: Turn don collar, width at the front is about 10 cm and about 8 cm on the back.

Sleeves: The sleeves have 10 cm high cuffs that are lined with soft fabric. They have a pair of buttons and a single, leather reinforced button hole that can be used to tighten the cuff. The edge of the cuff has leather reinforcement. Elbows have a fabric reinforcement. Officers have a roughly 17 cm long tab with a rank on the sleeve, attached with two buttons.

Pockets: Two large side pockets sewn inside the coat. The covers are slightly tilted forward and closed with one button. Under the cover there is a roughly 20 cm long opening that has been reinforced with leather in the ends. This opening is used to access the pockets on the inside of the Oilcloth coat or of the uniform under the coat.

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