m/39 Hot Weather Jacket (Helletakki m/39)

The m/39 Hot Weather Jacket was a voluntary item for the officers of the Army and the Coastal Artillery, excluding the cadets.

The roots of the Hot Weather Jacket are in the white summer jackets of the Imperial Russian Army. It is speculated that the introduction of the Hot Weather Jacket at the same time as the m/39 Light Jacket was due to Mannerheim's influence.

The Hot Weather Jacket is the same in cut as the Light Jacket, but the material is thinner off-white or cream coloured canvas - or "linen fabric" as it is described in the regulations. Other major difference is in the earlier pre-1941 collar, which had a pocket for a removeable collar stiffener. As the jacket was tailor made like the Light Jacket, there are differences between individual jackets.

Hot Weather Jackets were not as popular as the Light Jackets, but they were popular among the cavalry officers - the red trousers, white jacket and the m/22 Peaked Cap were a striking combination.

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Description in the regulations

Colour and material: Cream colour, off-white canvas.

Cut: Single row of buttons 5 hidden buttons, shoulder epaulettes, tight-fitting with a arched back, a single vent down the back seam up to the waist. The jacket may be left without a liner or it can have a full-liner down to the waist. The jacket may have an internal cloth belt.

Length: Down to the crotch.

Collar: Pre 1941: Single, roughly 4cm high standing collar of same material as the jacket, closed with two hooks in the front. A small opening shall be left in the inner back of the collar so a stiff celluloid insert can be inserted inside the collar for support.

Post 1941: Cream colour, off-white canvas, soft, stand-and-fall collar, roughly 7 cm high in the front and 5 cm high in the back.

Sleeves: Turnback cuffs of the same colour as the jacket, about 8 to 10 cm tall, without buttons.

Pockets: Chest pockets are inside the jacket with three pointed pocket flaps and without buttons. The pocket flaps are 6 to 7 cm high. The width of the flaps is 10 to 12 cm on the top, 11 to 13 cm on the bottom. Side pockets are inside the jacket, the pocket flaps are of similar style to the chest pockets. The pocket flaps are 7.5 to 8.5 cm high. The width of the flaps is 15 to 17 cm on the top, 17 to 19 cm on the bottom.

Epaulettes: Made of the same fabric as the jacket, shape as shown in the picture. Bottom is sewn inside the shoulder seam and top is attached with a small, 16 mm diameter golden coloured coat-of-arms button.

Uniforms from collections

A post-1941 Hot Weather Jacket

Photos from Dragoon Militaria.

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