Etulinja (Finnish for "Frontline") is a Finnish living history organization dedicated to portraying and studying the lives of the lowly frontline infantry of the World war 2. We aim to educate ourselves and the public about the part of history that is often overlooked and forgotten in popular history. We are currently portraying soldiers from four nations: Finland, Germany, the United States of America and Soviet Union. In the future we hope to expand this to cover some other nations of the war.

Important thing for us is the historical accuracy in everything we do. Our members constantly research various aspects of the war as to better understand the lives of the soldiers. We participate in a number of re-enactment events every year and some of our members have participated in filming of historical movies here in Finland. We hope that this helps future generations to remember the veterans and that their sacrifices and experiences won't be lost.

If you would like us to come in to your event in Europe or would like to come to Finland, please do contact us at tiedustelu AT etulinja DOT net.

Please notice, that we are a NON-POLITICAL organization, we do not support any ideologies of the period nor support racism or discrimination of any sorts.